Cieślakówna Maria

Maria Cieślakówna (* 1915 Warsaw – † 1985 Los Angeles), composer of popular music of the interwar period. Andrzej Włast, with whom she was related, wrote words to her works. Her songs were performed by, among others. Andrzej Bogucki, Janusz Popławski. Apart from Włast, the words for her songs were written by Marian Hemar and Jerzy Jurandot. Her most popular hits include the tango “He or I”, “Hug me,” Like a white shadow “. Her songs were recorded by all major record companies in the interwar period. Maria Cieślakówna was an educated pianist. She studied piano with prof. Zbigniew Drzewiecki. She survived the war in Poland, and shortly afterwards emigrated to Brazil. At the end of her life, she settled in America.

Sheet music is available here.