Bądarzewska Baranowska Tekla

Tekla Bądarzewska Baranowska (* 1829 Mława- † 29 September> 1861 Warsaw)

Her career as a composer began when, at the age of 17, she wrote a miniature “The Virgin’s Prayer”. It has become a symbol of the nineteenth-century salon miniature. The piece has been published by several dozen publishers, edited for various instruments, and also used, among others, in Kurt Weill‘s opera. The artist’s composing legacy also includes about 35 piano miniatures. In 2012, in Mława – the pianist’s hometown, the “Society of Enthusiasts of Tekla Bądarzewska Creativity” was established.

Tekla Bądarzewska was the mother of five children. She died at the age of 33 in Warsaw. Her beautiful tomb, depicting a woman with a scroll of music, is located in the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.

Notes of some compositions available at the link.

One of the editions of “La prière d’une vierge” (“The Virgin’s Prayer”) dates from [1851-1853]. and a copy is located in the National Library, available here.

More information about the artist in the article as well as on the wikipedia page.

A CD with the composer’s works arranged by Maria Pomianowska