Arnhold Katarzyna

Arnhold Katarzyna (* 4. VIII. 1968 Opole-) composer, currently living and working in Amsterdam. Her works have been performed at many festivals in Poland and abroad. He willingly collaborates with visual artists, creating jointly multimedia projects.

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Katarzyna Arnhold’s music on her soundcloud channel.

Works with violin:

  • Sketches for a portrait for solo violin 1988
  • Glossary for violin and harpsichord 1989
  • Transformations for a string quartet 1990
  • Melancholy Black Sun for a female voice, string trio and three reciters 1996
  • Laughter like a rustle of dead leaves – a study of a whisper for solo violin 1998
  • Penetration-Zastyganie for violin and piano 1999
  • Soul from the body flew funeral supplications for bass-baritone, bagpipes, violin and three mourners 2000